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packaging for MEMs-based navigation application

Meticulous Design and Machining

We specialize in low-volume, high-precision CNC milling in a wide range of traditional to exotic materials—metals, plastics, and virtually any other material that can be cut with a CNC machine.

Customer-Centric Workflow

We excel at designing and machining complex parts that are often too challenging for traditional CNC machining firms. Whether your project is fully defined or only in its infancy, our methodical workflow ensures that your job receives outstanding care—from inception to completion.

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"At ID8 Design, Inc., we rely on Spitz Design to tackle machining projects that require perfection."

Erik Shahoian

ID8 Design, Inc.

"Brian is one of those rare individuals that just makes things work. He gets into your head, understands the task, and then delivers as promised."

Bill Hanson

GearHead Product Development

"When it comes to extremely accurate and complex milling, Brian is the one to call. He has the patience and tenacity to get the tough projects done right."

Mark Spencer

Spencer Corporation

"While working with Brian, I've been able to solve several challenging mechanical design problems while ensuring the solutions were completely manufacturable."

John Dixon

John Dixon Engineering